Fire Rated Fan Enclosure – Wood Building Construction.
Fire Rated Fan Enclosure By EZBarrier

Fire Rated Fan Enclosure – Wood Building Construction.

Fire Rated Fan Enclosure by EZBarrier

Fire-rated Exhaust fan Enclosure:

The EZBarrier fire-rated exhaust fan enclosures are multi-functional and can be applied to many different construction applications including but not limited to, Military housing, Apartments, Student Housing, Senior Living, Hotels, Motels, Condos, and Townhomes. All EZBarrier fire-rated exhaust enclosures listing information is embossed or have applied labels that include the history of production. The use of EZBarrier fire-rated enclosures can eliminate the risk of litigation or penalty by law per 701.2 if the IBC. (International Building Code) All EZBarrier product applications are FIRE CODE COMPLIANT. EZBarrier Fire-rated exhaust fan enclosures are custom made according to the fan model being used in each individual application. EZBarrier products provide sound reduction, maintain vapor barrier to meet new air-tight building codes, and can be used in interior or exterior applications due to their weather-resistant materials. Our enclosures are maintenance-free and can be used with both IC or non-IC rated fixtures. EZBarrier fire rated exhaust fan enclosures maintains air space when using blown-in insulation to eliminate fixture cycling.  In addition to the features, EZBarrier enclosures are part of the passive fire protection family and have been proven to save on costs over time versus active fire protection. EZBarrier supplies sufficient data made available to building officials to show that required fire-resistant ratings are not reduced. Materials and methods of construction used to protect joints and penetrations in fire-resistant rated buildings elements shall not reduce required fire-resistance ratings.

EZ Installation

Manufactured with sturdy metal construction, our Fire Rated Enclosures are designed to last the life of the building.  All flanges are pre-drilled making installation fast.  Electrical knockouts are pre-punched for the electricians.  Designed and Patented by EZBarrier, our metal enclosure fits between standard spacing.  Simply screw into the truss and you are ready to wire.  


The EZBarrier EZB 16-24-9 is a Fire Rated Enclosure.  Certified to ASTM E119.  Refer to the Intertek Directory of Building Products ( for detailed information.  ETL Listed in the USA.  

Enclosure Construction:

The EZBarrier Fan Enclosure is manufactured with metal construction.  All corners are laser welded making this the most durable enclosure.  Holes are Pre-Drilled, and knockouts are pre-punched.   

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