2-Hour Fire-Rated Enclosure, Model #ezb 16-24-9I

Two Hour Fire Rated Enclosure by EZBarrier

Fire Ratings for 2-Hour Enclosure, Model #ezb 16-24-9I

The EZBarrier EZB 16-24-9 Two-Hour Enclosure is a Fire Rated Enclosure.  Certified to ASTM E119.  Refer to the Intertek Directory of Building Products (https://bpdirectory.intertek.com for detailed information.  ETL Listed in the USA.  

  • ASTM E-119-05a
  • UL 263
  • UBC 7-1
  • NFPA 251
  • ANSI A2.1
  • ULC S101
  • Certified by Intertek
  • ETL Listed
  • ISO Certified

EZBarrier Enclosure Installation:

Two-Hour Fire-Rated Enclosure, designed for applications where maximum fire protection is needed.  Certified to ASTM E119, and ETL Listed.  Our enclosures are manufactured out of metal with laser welded corners.  We are the most robust enclosure on the market, making hardware installation easy.

Manufactured with sturdy metal construction, our Two-Hour Fire-Rated Enclosures are designed to last the life of the building.  All flanges are pre-drilled making installation fast.  Electrical knockouts are pre-punched for the electricians.  Designed and Patented by EZBarrier, our metal enclosure fits between standard spacing.  Simply screw into the truss and you are ready to wire.  .

Enclosure Construction:

The EZBarrier 2-Hour Fire Enclosure is manufactured with metal construction.  All corners are laser welded making this the most durable enclosure in the market.  Holes are Pre-Drilled, and knockouts are pre-punched.  Inside the box has  layer of intumescent Fire Barrier.  

EZBarrier Two-hour fire-rated LED/recessed light Enclosures can be applied to any construction application. It allows residential and commercial contractors to meet building code requirements for the installation of in-wall/ceiling assemblies. EZBarrier Fire-rated LED/recessed light enclosures allow you to install any LED/recessed light and surface mount fixture in a fraction of the time while maintaining a one-hour or two-hour fire rating. The new EZBarrier enclosure for LED/recessed lighting is easy to install, reducing unnecessary labor and material costs while diminishing the transfer of sound from one room to another.  It also maintains the integrity of a fire-rated ceiling for one or two hours. Contains fire, gas, smoke, and heat within the enclosure for 120 minutes. Although the enclosure has not been tested/certified, it has been accepted and applied to several projects that meet the following codes ASTM E-119-05a, UL 263, UBC 7-1, NFPA 251, ANSI A2.1, ULC S101. All EZBarrier Fire-rated LED Enclosures are ISO certified by Intertek for Canadian and US use and are UL fire code compliant. EZBarrier supplies sufficient data made available to building officials to show that required fire-resistant ratings are not reduced. Materials and methods of construction used to protect joints and penetrations in fire-resistant rated buildings elements shall not reduce required fire-resistance ratings.

       -Fits both 16” and 24” on-center applications; one size fits most fire-rated walls or ceilings

-Attaches quickly with drywall screws, saving time and labor

-Features 4 knock-outs for wiring flexibility with easy access from any direction

-Protects in-wall speakers from harmful moisture and dirt

-added options contains intumescent material that provides extra fire and sound reduction

-Keeps loose insulation out of eyes while installing speakers or LED flat downlights

-Maintains vapor barrier integrity to meet new “tight building” codes


-Affixed directly to the structure

Two-Hour Fire-Rated Enclosure product video by EZBarrier:

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